Lovely Milkweed Seed Fluff, Fine Art Print

The Story of the Texas Native Milkweed Plant

Being a wildlife and nature photographer I’m always looking for the uniqueness and beauty of my surroundings. It is such a wonderful and amazing experience just to be out in the middle of all plants and creatures great and small. I never know what I might see in the sky, grass, trees, etc.

A couple of days ago I happened to notice at first glance this really sad decaying plant that definitely had betters days. This time of the year plants and trees starting seeding and dropping their leaves for winter and hopes to come alive again in the spring. From a distance I could see this plant had these big pod things and after a closer look what I thought was really ugly and decaying was actually quite beautiful. You see inside the pods was this silky white feathery stuff. They refer to it as “seed flyers”! So delicately tucked inside the pod, waiting its turn to be released to fly, seed and become a beautiful milkweed flower in the spring! I took a picture of it in hopes to share to everyone the beauty within that pod.

Isn’t it interesting how we can relate to this in our own human lives. It’s all about the inside that matters….. the beauty within that makes us whole. The wholeness from the heart. The wholeness we gather within from God.

Think about it…….